Our Store Remains Paused Due To National Lockdown Extension

In efforts to ensure our country, South Africa, survives the COVID-19 crisis, and so that tens of thousands of lives may be saved, the National Coronavirus Command Council has decided to extend the nation-wide lockdown by a further two weeks beyond the initial 21 days, as announced by the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday 09 April 2020.
Due to this, the existing lockdown measures will remain in force until the end of April — until further notice from the President. Ramaphosa added:
"We will use the coming days to evaluate how we will embark on risk-adjusted measures that can enable a phased recovery of the economy, allowing the return to operation of certain sectors under strictly controlled conditions. We will also use this time to ramp up our public health interventions. We did not take this decision to extend the lockdown lightly. As your President, I am mindful of the great and heavy burden this will impose on you. I am keenly aware of the impact this will have on our economy. But I know, as you do, that unless we take these difficult measures now, unless we hold to this course for a little longer, the coronavirus pandemic will engulf, and ultimately consume, our country."
Check out the full speech here.
It has been emotionally, financially and psychosocially draining on us all, but please remain strong and keep yourself and your loved ones happy however possible within the current conditions.
Stay safe. Stay healthy.