We Are Reopening Soon

COVID-19 Update | Autonomic Living | We Hope To Reopen Soon
We hope to reopen our store very soon, as we wait patiently to enter stage 3 conditions of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa.
We take safety and compliance seriously

We are currently in stage 4 conditions, which permits the sale of essential products and services only, as stated by SA Government. We will resume trading should the legal conditions permit us. Once we resume trading, we'll ensure the prescribed safety measures are implemented to keep us, our service providers and our customers safe.

According to parliament's trade, industry and competition portfolio committee, if we avoid a dramatic, sudden increase in COVID-19 infections, then we could move to stage 3 lockdown conditions very soon. Trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel said to the committees (on Friday 01 May 2020), the country "does not need to stay at level 4 for a specific number of weeks but can move rapidly to a lower level should risks be mitigated".

We will keep you updated as soon as we can reopen our store, when we enter stage 3 lockdown conditions. We look forward to resume providing fabulous homeware products to you.