Autonomic Living is the expert in creating functional homeware that's tastefully modern, comfortable and easy to use. Functionality and quality are more important to us than aesthetic micro-trends — we want to make your life as comfortable as possible through design. We have developed exclusive consultation services that provide expert advice on the below topics, to improve usability and comfort at the best quality.

Home Design

High-end home interiors look great online, but can be impractical for your lifestyle. You know how to best use your living space, so we provide an exclusive hourly-rated consultation (virtual or in person) where we give you the best advice on how to create a high-end home interior that is very comfortable, tastefully modern and best fits how you move around and use your home. We use an industrial design approach, which focuses on improving comfort and usability at the best quality. We also advise on sourcing the best products to achieve the high-end yet functional living space you need.
Hourly rate: R8 890.00 | Tax included
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Industrial Design

Do you want to develop your own product? Do you need the best advice on how to create display systems that are both captivating and user friendly? Or simply need guidance on the best materials and manufacturing processes to use to improve your existing products/experiences? We provide an hourly-rated exclusive consultation (virtual or in person) regarding industrial design processes of products, systems, services and experiences across all industries, from retail products and brand activation display systems to industrial components and packaging. The consultation will provide clear direction on the best solution to bring your vision to life.
Hourly rate: R3 590.00 | Tax included
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Please note: We adhere to strict COVID-19 safety measures for all consultations held in person.